Permanent Staffing
Permanent staff is great importance in the human resource industrial stratagem of every company in today’s trend. An organization that is equipped with quality and dedicated permanent staff has a greater chance of surviving and succeeding in the long run.

Contract Staffing    
VTS contracttohire staffing module is the made to order solution wherein the companies looking for temporary staff based on small term investment.

Executive Search     
Executive search is the process of recruiting individuals to fill executive positions in organizations. Executive search may be performed by an organization\'s board of directors, by executives in the organization, or by an outside executive search organization.

Walk IN
A HR Professional will select one Employee from \'N\' no. of. Candidates, All the Branded companies wanted to meet their entire Targeted Crowd, which is not possible by them usually. We help them in Gathering the entire Targeted crowd in a Single place in a day and to conduct the Interviews for them in huge levels.

Campus Recruitment          
Many companies do not have the time neither have contacts to do campus hiring. We, VTS have put in a specialized team to undertake campus recruitment. 

Onsite Recruitment 
Onsite recruitment is attaining great importance in the human resource industrial stratagem of every company in today’s trend to meet their specific requirement.

VTS’s Onsite recruitment is a process of meeting your Specific bulk requirements from the targeted area to fulfill the urge need of the client.

Our straightforward and focused approach in the business enables us to work in close partnership with our clients; thus ensuring a full and complete appreciation for each vacancy and person specification.

Job Fair        

VTS connect talented people with respected companies. Every day, leading global employers ask us to present them with talented candidates for their most in-demand positions. VTS offers them a unique access to these employment opportunities, matching your skills with intriguing projects and cutting-edge technologies; we are organizing this JOB FAIR event in colleges & universities.

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