Research Guidance

VTS research members working around the world towards the destination of technology and have international contact with many research associations and bodies. We have numerous researchers and experts to guide your practical problems. VTS members guiding to many concerns,corporates to withstand their market place in the competitive environment and also research scholar like ME, M.Tech, M.Phil, Ph.d, PDF, MS, etc  to achieve their research goals.


International Journals& Publication:
VTS research group members working as Managing Director, Editorial Board Member, and Reviewer, Research volunteer in many International Association, International journals, National Journals and magazines. Our members helping to the research scholars to their publication and research need.

International Research Meet:
VTS were organized many research meet,conferences, seminar, workshops in and around the world. VTS also support many colleges, Institute, firm to conduct international meets.

Report Preparation:
VTS also supports the preparation of analysis report for corporate growth, data works, SPSS reports in systematic approach with international standards.

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